Meeting people, understanding their know-how and identifying their suitability for an organization and its culture are the pillars of Meridian’s work. In our work advising clients, we seek to identify potentials through cross-cutting methods of evaluation.

Our assessments, framed through personality profiles, highlight the skills, personality traits and motivations of candidates. We offer organizations an extensive, comprehensive perspective to refine their final choice and to ease the integration process.

These assessments aim to cover individuals and teams; they allow us to identify personality traits focusing on behaviors in a professional setting.


Green Light Against Grey, Saul Leiter, circa 1950

It is not where it is or what it is that matters but how you see it.

All About Saul Leiter, Seigensha 2017


  1. Personality-based interview and comparative analysis
  2. Talent Q Assessment
  3. Delivery of a complete personality profile

I gave a great regard for certain notions of beauty even though to some it is an old fashioned idea.

Saul Leiter, Steidl 2008


Pipes, Saul Leiter, circa 1960


What you can expect from us

Confidentiality regarding the content of the mission.

Independent advice.

Team engagement.

What we expect from you

Support throughout the process carried out with the teams.

Creation of favorable conditions for an adequate evaluation process.

Availability of participants for the evaluation so as not to compromise the mission.