Meridian offers a special touch to the support provided to business decision makers in their search for profiles. As true facilitators, we weave the network that allows companies to carry out their activities. Thanks to the dialogue we maintain with our clients and our expertise, our team is able to assess needs and find the right people.

With a team dedicated solely to sourcing, our firm has become a master in the art of screening and assessing the potential of candidates and their suitability for specific contexts. We rely on a sourcing consultant and an associate to carry out each mission together.


Cracks, Saul Leiter, 1957

One of the things photography has allowed me is to take pleasure in looking.

Saul Leiter, Steidl 2008


  1. Our research phase comprises an assessment of needs, a definition of the profile and potential targets, and reporting to clients. Duration: 4 to 6 weeks
  2. In our in-depth evaluation and presentation of candidates, we elaborate a portfolio of candidates using the Talent Q assessment methodology.
  3. Our follow-up and support for final decision includes 6 to 8 weeks after hire.
  4. An integration follow-up is comprehended, in addition to a year-long warranty.

A photographer's gift to the viewer is sometimes beauty in the overlooked ordinary.

All About Saul Leiter, Seigensha 2017


Man Reading, Saul Leiter, 1957


What you can expect from us

We deploy all the means at our disposal to carry out the mission.

We guarantee the resumption of the mission incurring no additional fees during the first year, in case of termination of contract.

What we expect from you

A fixed job description.

Scheduling a timeline for interviews and decision making at the final stage without prejudice to the success of the mission.

Reciprocal confidentiality concerning all persons involved and the content of the mission.