Over the past 25 years, Meridian has refined its approach in order to coach executives and leaders through unique interactions.
Akin to experienced choreographers, our team brings men and women to look in the mirror and guide their reflections at the rhythm of individual, confidential sessions.
A time for introspection and feedback, and to analyze practices and performance – just as a set of rehearsals leading up to the premiere of a show: understand the movements in the dance, adopt the appropriate postures, perfect the position in taking up a role, explore one’s projects.
The objective is to help executives and leaders shed light on their thoughts.


Hanging Butterflies, Saul Leiter, 1960s

I think that mysterious things happen in familiar places. We don’t always need to run to the other end of the world.

Saul Leiter, Steidl 2008


  1. A shared analysis and definition of the performance agreement
  2. Customized follow-up support over face-to-face sessions
  3. Feedback over a final meeting
  4. Systematic monitoring and support by an external supervising coach.

My photographs are the tiniest part of what I see that could be photographed. They are fragments of endless possibilities.

Saul Leiter: The Quiet Iconoclast, Photographers Speak 2009


Menu, Paris, Saul Leiter, circa 1959


What you can expect from us

Respect of confidentiality regarding all exchanges during the coaching sessions.

Ethical conduct assured by coach supervision and by respect of the professional charter of coaches.

What we expect from you

Respect of confidentiality regarding the content of coaching.

Scheduling of interviews and adequate decision making at the final stage without prejudice to the success of the coaching program.

Active engagement in the coaching process.